Our Team

Stephanie Briody

Co-founder, CEO, Board Member

As co-founder of Behavioral Health Innovators, Stephanie is leading the development and expansion of the RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group project; additionally Stephanie serves as a member of the Advisory Group for the National Conference of Behavioral Health, working with the CDC to address substance use prevention for young people ages 12 – 18 years. 
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Sheila House

President, Board Member

Sheila House is a Masters Level Clinical Mental Health Counselor, licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with 20 years of experience as a practicing clinician.

Sheila works year-round as an independent agent of the Town of Harwich to support the mental health needs of Harwich Youth and their families.
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Chris Hardy

Vice President, Board Member

Chris Hardy served as Board Chair for Golf Fore Africa, a non-profit that raises money to bring clean, accessible water and sanitation to villages in Africa.

She has also served as WGA President for the Captains Golf Club in Brewster, MA and the Marketing Chair for the Tonto Verde Golf Community in AZ.
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Sarah Robinson

Treasurer, Board Member

Sarah has been a certified financial planner since 2001 and offers tax, financial planning and consulting to individuals, small businesses and non-profits.

She was a 2016 Readers Choice Bronze winner for Accountant/Financial Planner from the Wicked Local.

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Michelle Cuff

Board Member

Michelle Cuff joined the BHI Board in April when she moved to the Cape full-time. She graduated from Boston College with a degree in Communications. Her prior work experience includes serving as a Family Resource Liaison with the MSPCC – helping families navigate the MA state adoption process and supporting outreach through newsletters and other mediums. 

A lifelong advocate for children, Michelle has served as a foster parent, a volunteer with the Mass Adoption Resource Exchange helping children find permanency and is the mom of both biological and adopted children. 


After losing their son to an overdose, Michelle and her husband Jim worked with Recovery High Schools to establish scholarships to help students pursue their future plans upon graduation. Michelle also has been involved with Learn To Cope as well as The Herren Project. 


Michelle is on the Board of the St. Chretienne Educational Trust and volunteers with the Cape Cod Foster Closet 


Janis McGrory

Board Member

As a Mother of a 23-year old daughter who passed away from a heroin overdose, Jan speaks locally, nationally and worldwide to support drug education and recovery programs.

She has also served as a facilitator of Learn to Cope, a parent support group.
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Laura Lorusso Peterson
Board Member



Laura is a member of the 4th generation to work in her family’s aggregate business, Cape Cod Aggregates. She has always been interested in understanding what drives people to behave the way they do. This interest, along with a desire to better understand her own behavior, led Laura to mindfulness and becoming certified to share her practice with others. 


She enjoys working with adults, young adults and children as they develop a better understanding of how stress shows up in their lives. She is passionate about helping others, help themselves. Laura teaches the Benson-Henry Institute’s, Resilient Youth program to 5th and 6th grade students in the Falmouth Public Schools and in February 2023 she completed Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield’s Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program.


Laura works with her students as they navigate twists and turns on the road of life! She demonstrates that treating ourselves with kindness and curiosity, while being intentionally mindful throughout the day makes our “drive” much more enjoyable!!!


She has worked with many nonprofits here on the Cape for the last 30 years and she’s excited to be a part of the innovative work that PASS program brings to our students and our communities. 

Catherine Pope

Student Advisor

Catherine is an impassioned advocate from UMass Dartmouth and founder of the university’s first recovery community, dedicated to reaching individuals at all stages of substance abuse. She is a member of the American Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) student advisory board, as well as a SAFE Project fellow, organizations that provide a community and resources for those in recovery. As an individual in long-term recovery and as a survivor of domestic abuse, she works tirelessly to help individuals in both communities. Since early domestic abuse can impact young men and women for the rest of their lives, she provides abuse education to high school students and teaches them how to have healthier relationships. Cat is pursuing her law degree, determined to de-stigmatize marginalized communities as a legal advocate.

Emma Geller

Emma Geller

Student Advisor

Emma Geller is a graduate student currently completing her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Expressive Art Therapy.

She is passionate about mental health and recovery advocacy and has utilized the arts throughout her own healing journey. Emma hopes to share the outlet of creative expression to those struggling with SUD and illustrate by example how the healing arts can foster recovery and resilience. 


Frederick Shegog

Student Advisor

Frederick is the recipient of the Phi Theta Kappa international honor society of two-year colleges for his stellar academic accomplishments and unselfish community volunteerism. Freddie credits Delaware County Community College with helping him turn his life around from homelessness and, as he says, “dumpster diving,” to achieving honors in academics. This has propelled him to create his own company, The Message LLC, and become an inspirational speaker for mental health and addiction.

Angelina Beasley

Angelina Beasley

Student Advisor

Angelina Beasley is a senior at Monomoy Regional High School and is a co-founder of the SHARK Project.  She is currently interning as a nurses’ helper at the Latham Center.

“I have lived with a member in my family who I lost to addiction. Being a young girl in high school, seeing other people my age in the community struggle is hard. Speaking up is extremely important. Even if you can’t fix, you can always help by doing your share.” 


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