RecoveryBuild APG

The RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group

RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group is a program created by Behavioral Health Innovators, Inc. in 2018 that supports local teens struggling with substance use challenges. BHI has a partnership with Duffy Health Center to provide clinical oversight and staffing support to the APG program.

This program combines fun social activities with the support of a licensed counselors, family therapist and peer recovery coaches.

Learn more on the RecoveryBuild APG website.

RecoveryBuild Team

Lisa Jason
Program Supervisor & Counselor

Lisa holds a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Dance Movement Therapy from Lesley University. She fuses her lens of education with her experience in the arts to guide those in recovery. Lisa has a passion for working with teens as they discover their own value and potential.

Samantha Cronin
Counselor & Family Therapist

Samantha is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and holds a masters in Expressive Arts Therapy & Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University. As a certified yoga instructor, Sam is passionate about spreading wellness and recovery through yoga, art, movement, music and drama.

Jackie Chasey
APG Recovery Coach

Jackie is in recovery, and through personal experience she is dedicated to being a lighthouse for others in her community who struggle with SUD. Jackie believes in the APG model. She is currently working towards Recovery Coach certification and is attending a healthcare leadership course.

What do APG Peer Mentors say about RecoveryBuild?

“I’m so honored to be a mentor at APG. I’m also a mother of young kids. Each week at the APG, I gain knowledge on things that we as parents might not notice that we are doing that affect our children’s everyday life and the decisions they make. Volunteering at the APG has made me a better parent. At the APG each teen has the chance to be a kid again and no matter what’s going on in the world around them, they get to laugh, play, have a good meal and enjoy themselves. Honestly, sometimes that’s all teenagers need. I couldn’t ask to be part of a better program.”

APG Peer Mentor

"I found APG through a common connection and started volunteering because I loved their mission. I believe every kid has a chance, and sometimes teenagers don’t see that when their past can get in the way. I think APG is a place to show them that they can succeed and go where they want to go, and I’m so thrilled to be one of the people that can support and guide them. Everyone I’ve come in contact with is so intelligent in their own way and it’s such an amazing thing to see them grow.”

APG Peer Mentor

What do Parents say about RecoveryBuild?

“When my son entered a treatment center I didn’t know where to turn. By chance, I was referred to the Alternative Peer Group as a potential resource. The Counselor immediately responded to my request for information and set-up a meeting. From our first conversation, I felt a flood of relief. I finally was talking with someone who understood the issues my family was dealing with before I even uttered a word. Prior to this point our interaction with 'professionals' was neither helpful nor empathetic. Over the ensuing months, the APG has been a lifeline for me. Anytime I was feeling overwhelmed or unsure how to proceed, the Counselor was there to listen and offer her encouragement, support and guidance. Knowing my son and our family have a safe place to share our experience is incredibly reassuring. While I completely understand how parents might be hesitant to talk about something as private and painful as their child struggling with an addiction, they need not be fearful of any judgement or shame from this incredible organization.”

Parent of APG member