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PASS Job Opening – MS PASS Student Support Director


The MS Student Support Director will have at least 2 -3 years of experience working with middle school students and a strong desire to work with this population and school systems.

MS Program Director and MS Student Support Director will work together to create therapeutic groups and other supports that address the needs of the MS PASS students. They will support the Program Director and Clinician in running the therapeutic groups for the students and in creating the re-entry plans for the participants.

They will be the lead in supporting the students academically- in completing schoolwork, organize recreational activities, offer restorative justice skills building exercises and otherwise work to enhance the students’ engagement and success in the program.

This position is part-time 6.0 hours per day (.75 FTE) for the school year.


  • Communicate regularly with school academic personnel. In particular, the Student Support Director will meet with the student to gather their teachers’ names and emails (which may include some research on the school’s directory). After collecting the emails, the Student Support Director will send a message informing the teachers of the student’s enrollment at PASS and request that any handouts, lessons, notes, quizzes, etc. be emailed to the Student Support Director at PASS as soon as possible. In turn, the Student Support Director will assist student in scanning/emailing back schoolwork to their teachers.
  • Work with students and caregivers to develop transportation and other resources to facilitate access to the program and referral to services.
  • Assist in students’ PASS daily groups and activities in collaboration with PASS clinician and PASS Program Director.
  • Interact with school administration and faculty, students, families, and community stakeholders with sensitivity and professionalism.
  •  Participate in staff supervision and in-service training programs.
  • Participate in team meetings to review student progress.
  • Manage caseload of approximately 10-12 students/week, and track student progress.
  • Strongly organized and self-directed, comfortable and proficient with detailed administrative functions as well as outreach functions.
  •  Perform all other duties as assigned.