Thanks and Credits

Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for your part in helping us create the Peer Heroes Social Media Toolkit!

First, and foremost, thanks to our 10 Peer Heroes – Emily, Josh, Brianna, Kat, Tyler, Melvin, Shana, Freddy, Mary, and Heather – I was teary-eyed hearing each of your stories. You guys walked through fire, but came out on the other side as the most beautiful of human beings. Your fierce desire to protect others from the same painful experience is a gift to us all.

  • Pat Clancy – for your wonderful narration, sharing of your own story, and moments of sheer entertainment behind the camera (we were laughing WITH you, right?).
  • PAACA (Positive Action Above Chemical Addiction), Drug Story Theater, Independence Academy, Rockdale Recovery High School, Association of Recovery in Higher Education, Duffy Health Center, Family-RX, RESTHELPS.ORG, Mad*Pow, Zeiterion Theater – you set the high water mark when it comes to collaborating.
  • Behavioral Health Innovators Student Advisors – thanks for thoughtful feedback and for keeping us real!
  • Embee Studio, Mike and Beth Bell – such a talented duo. I couldn’t think of a better team to spend lots of time beside.
  • Jennifer Signorella – for your original artwork and your “can-do attitude.”
  • Neusa Gomes – thanks for your hard work with project support and gathering our student advisors.
  • Maggie Schoening - for grabbing the reins on the infographics and getting it done.
  • Kendall Williams - for the incredible design work on the infographics.
  • Cheryl Grey – for website development support during busy times.
  • Gale Beaton – For your reassuring nursing support.
  • Kristina Clark – for helping us launch at the same time you had your own major launch (a baby)!
  • All of the young people we’ve worked with in co-design workshops in the past three years who begged us to let you speak to your own peers to prevent others from the going down the same painful path. We heard you loud and clear.
  • Stephanie Briody, Co-founder of Behavioral Health Innovators, and to our board (Lorraine Sweeney, Sheila House, Sheila Sheeran, Julia Lown, Chris Hardy and Susan Strong )- for your big hearts, and being there all along the way, no matter what.
  • Rebeckah J. Zora – for your “Spark in the Dark” artwork.
  • Gretchen L. Schmelzer PhD - for The Letter Your Teenager Cant Write You.
  • Dr. Candida Fink, MD – for lending your voice to raise awareness on important issues affecting the wellbeing of today’s youth.
  • Alkermes Inspiration Grants® - last, but not least, this initiative would not be possible without your generous support.

With much gratitude,
Mary Beth Schoening

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