Behavioral Health Innovators, Inc.

Our mission is to combine human compassion with innovation to think differently about behavioral health education, prevention, screening, intervention, treatment, and recovery in the 24 and under population. Our focus is on substance use disorder and related mental health conditions in teens.

RAMP® Risk Addiction Mapping Progression® Our screening, education and intervention framework is meant to identify risky behaviors in everyday language in a staged progression so that young people can identify with these risks earlier.

“Dink It Forward” Fundraiser Barnstable Courts on June 1, 2024
BHI will host its first Dink It Forward Pickleball Tournament on Saturday, June 1st (rain date Sunday June 2nd.) The event is a fundraiser for BHI (Behavioral Health Innovators, Inc.), a Cape Cod non-profit which helps youth struggling with substance use and mental health challenges.


Program Development

Creating scalable community and public health programs.

Developing innovative solutions for prevention, assessment, early warning, and treatment of behavioral health conditions.

Developing educational content and multi-channel communication campaigns .

Digital Health Solution Development

Developing digital tools (mobile apps, online communities, eLearning) for patients and/or clinicians.

Focus is on creating innovative, technology-enabled solutions for education, prevention, screening, early intervention and treatment.

Tracking and applying emerging science – genomics, AI, machine learning, precision medicine, digital biomarkers, virtual reality, etc.

Education and Training

Multimedia content and curriculum development for education of youth, families and target populations.

Consumer and clinical medical education development – i.e. brain science.

Education around emerging technologies & trends in behavioral health .

Consulting and Research

  • Strategic analysis and plan development
  • Research on best practices, care models, patient needs
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Digital strategies for engaging patients, clinicians, communities
  • Patient advocacy; “beyond the pill” strategies
  • Convening/facilitating industry groups

Our Work

RecoveryBuild Alternative Peer Group (APG)

A safe place where teens and young adults come together with their peers in recovery. Read more…

Cape Cod Positive Alternative to School Suspension (PASS)

A safe and supportive environment for high school students facing suspension. Read more…

My Choice Matters: Dreams Not Drugs

A Youth Summit held at the Cape Cod Community College. Read more…

Drug Story Theater

Students in recovery delivered an improv theater performance. Read more…

Peer Heroes RAMP® Multimedia Toolkit

A toolkit for youth, by youth, giving hope and resources. Read more…

Best Practices: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Insights from interviews with 70 experts, individuals, families, and clinicians. Read more…

Creative Expression

High School students supported those in recovery with messages of hope and inspiration. Read more…

RAMP® Risk Addiction Mapping Progression®

Our screening, education and intervention framework. Read more…

Co-Design Workshops / Journey Mapping

BHI partnered with Mad*Pow to co-host a solution co-design workshop with students in recovery. Read more…

Innovation in
Behavioral Health

Our goal is to “think differently”  to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs. Read more…

About Us

Creating innovative, high impact solutions for individuals and loved ones who suffer from behavioral illnesses. Our specialties are in the area of solution development, advanced research, education, and consulting services. Our initial emphasis is focused on substance use disorder, anxiety and depression. Read more…

Our Operating Principles

Including individuals and families as design partners.

Developing solutions that can be highly scalable for broad reach.
Developing solutions that are accessible at low cost or no cost.
Leveraging emerging technologies, digital tools, and advanced research to innovate screening, intervention and treatment.
Learning from other successful industries and models.
Convening and collaborating with industry partners, rather than competing.

Student Advisors

One of our core values is to include youth in the design of our work. We hope to amplify their voices, understand what resonates (or doesn’t) with youth and solicit feedback in general. Our Student Advisor volunteers have agreed to provide feedback to make sure our programs work with their peers. We welcome their insights and energy!

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about BHI, or if you have questions or concerns, or if you have resources you want to share, please get in touch!