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Serving Cape Cod Youth and Young Adults

with a continuum of supports that work to identify, circumvent, and address mental health and substance use issues before they become lifelong challenges.

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About BHI

In 2015, BHI was born out of the personal experiences of our two co-founders whose family members were affected by the disease of addiction. Also recognizing a sharp increase in anxiety and depression among local youth, they decided that something more needed to be done to stem the growing mental health and addiction crisis for this population.

In 2017, BHI held a Youth Summit with more than 80 students from schools across the Cape to learn firsthand how young people think about substance use and addiction.


The Problem

Vulnerable teens with substance use disorder and/or mental health concerns, like anxiety and depression, are suffering every day…


1. (Feb 2024) 2. (Feb.2024)


Increase in overdose deaths 2019–20211


Drank Alcohol1


High school seniors have used narcotics recreationally 2


Binge Drank1


Drove after Drinking1


Rode with a Driver who had been drinking alcohol1


Have Contemplated Suicide3


Have had at least one major depressive episode4

1 in 5

Will Self Harm5


Have symptoms of an anxiety disorder4


3. (Feb 2024) 4. (2021) 5. (Feb 2024) 


6. Barn. County Dept. of Human Services, Substance Use Assessment (Jan 2023)


Estimated community cost of substance use6


Is spent on prevention


is focused on treatment

Providing the Solution

BHI fills this gap in services by providing a comprehensive continuum of programs—from prevention through recovery—for Cape Cod’s 13 to 24 year olds who are living with substance use disorder and/or mental health conditions.

BHI also leads advocacy and education in the Cape Cod region, offering professional services such as program development, education and training, consulting, and research.

A Continuum of Care

BHI Programs Rooted in Harm Reduction

Harm Reduction is a contemporary, widely accepted public health approach that doesn’t necessarily require complete cessation of negative behaviors. It promotes a compassionate way of engagement that accepts people where they are in terms of need and support.

This approach provides practical, evidence-based interventions that minimize harm and improve overall well-being.

An average 48% of PASS participants are referred to our APG program.



Educating the community and families that addiction is a chronic disease of the brain, as stated in the Surgeon General's report of October 2015. We also educate on the family disease model of addiction—as it not only affects the entire family group, but the group dynamics also often fuel the addiction.

Peer Heroes RAMP® is our social media toolkit for youth, by youth (our Peer Heroes!), highlighting risky behaviors on the RAMP® to addiction, giving hope and resources to young people dealing with anxiety, depression, and substance use disorder.



PASS (Positive Alternatives for Student Support), originally developed as an alternative to school suspension, supports at-risk students identified as struggling, regardless of whether they are facing suspension.

The program is an effective early-intervention approach that focuses on destigmatizing mental health challenges and substance use disorders. It provides real-time school support, outdoor time, and socialization.



APG (Alternative Peer Group) is a 6-month after-school treatment and recovery program for Cape Cod teens struggling with substance use.

APG pairs clinical treatment with recovery support by providing teens with the tools, skills, and relationships needed to sustain recovery.

Together, participants receive mental health education, learn wellness planning, build friendships, and engage in fun, pro-social activities in the community.