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Positive Alternatives for Student Support


PASS (Positive Alternatives for Student Support)

PASS is a program that encourages social, emotional and physical well-being. PASS accepts students from participating schools as an alternative to suspension as well as offers the program as support to any student struggling with mental health and/or substance use challenges. The program is held during school hours, 9AM-2PM and students may attend up to 5 days.

The Cape Cod PASS program launched in Spring 2022 and since then, has enrolled over 175 high school students cape-wide for this off-campus, elective, short term intervention program. We are excited to launch a PASS program for Cape Cod Middle Schools, grades 5, 6, and 7 in the Fall 2024!

PASS is a crucial entry point to helpful and supportive services. Many continue on to our APG program that addresses treatment and recovery – effectively closing the gap in services by providing access to a comprehensive continuum of professional care.

Our team works together to best support each student and their academic and social-emotional needs.

Program Director

Accepts referrals from schools and prepares/conducts small therapeutic group sessions. Communicates regularly with school support personnel.

Mental Health Clinician

Administers screenings and assessments for anxiety, depression, substance use and trauma. Refers identified students to appropriate, professional support services.

Academic Support

Supports the students in completing school work, organizes recreational activities and otherwise works to enhance the students’ engagement and success in the program.

Program Supervisor

Engages in community outreach and operationally supports the program.


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