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It’s a very comfortable environment and I think it’s very well set up. I feel very welcome here, like I’m being heard and understood even though we’re all strangers.

My experience here has been great and what you guys do is inspiring so keep doing what you do and Thank You for your time.

I like how I understand math a little more.

The program was awesome. They really have helped me focus and learn more about myself, the people here are quite knowledgeable and they are amazing at helping with school work and with mental health.

I liked how I was treated kindly, respected. Having the extra support and help was very helpful with learning and finding new coping skills.

This experience was one of the best things I said yes to. The program gave me a new outlook on my life and my future. I felt heard and seen while I was there . I went into the program in a bad place mentally and came out feeling so good for the first time in a while . I am so happy I got to go and get the support I needed to succeed.

Very helpful. Great staff and encouragement. Therapeutic experience.

What I liked a lot about the program is that not only we get to talk about our problems, but we also learn new strategies to calm down as well as how to be pro – social, and we get some help with the subject we need help with.

"Before I came here, I'd walk outside and just be like, 'Oh I'm outside.' I didn't think too much about it. But now when I walk outside, I look around and take everything in and it's just like wow, Life itself is beautiful."

I think this program is absolutely perfect for an alternative for suspension. This program helped me quit horrible habits and created healthier outlets for me to use as a student when I am feeling stressed out. This program is so supportive and the counselors who support the students are amazing. I obviously would never want a reason to go back to this program but I will definitely stop by just to say hi to the 3 amazing people who work there. I loved that we were able to feel a sense of trust as soon as you step through the door. The women there give so many hands-on opportunities as well as cooking and baking. Thank you for helping me quit the habits of abusing drugs for relief. Thankful for this program!

Thanks for everything.

I thought it was really fun and helpful and a great alternative to suspension.

The people were very nice and the program was all around positive.

I think talking about how I felt about my life and life situations helped out so much.

I enjoyed being able to have a break from school, it was easier to be around a smaller group of people. I liked being able to do activities with people as well.

I really enjoyed my time here and it was very therapeutic and helpful.

When my son entered a treatment center I didn’t know where to turn. By chance I was referred to the program as a potential resource. The Counselor immediately responded to my request for information and set up a meeting. From our first conversation, I felt a flood of relief. I finally was talking with someone who understood the issues my family was dealing with before I even uttered a word. …While I completely understand how parents might be hesitant to talk about something as private and painful as their child struggling with addiction, they need not be fearful of any judgement or shame from this incredible organization.

It was an amazing experience, this is such a good alternative to suspension, the administrators at pass make you feel welcome and free to express yourself. The program is amazing I’m glad I came.