About BHI

Creating innovative, high impact solutions for individuals and loved ones who suffer from behavioral illnesses.

Our specialties are in the area of solution development, advanced research, education, and consulting services focused on the 24 and under population.

Our initial emphasis is focused on substance use disorder, anxiety and depression. 

We will be applying innovation practices from the public and private sectors to solve some of the biggest problems, learning especially from consumer-oriented industries.

We also hope to be conveners and thought leaders, calling on the industry to think differently about how to help people with addictions and behavioral disorders achieve healthy lives.

Our Operating Principles

Including individuals and families as design partners.

Developing solutions that can be highly scalable for broad reach.
Developing solutions that are accessible at low cost or no cost.
Leveraging emerging technologies, digital tools, and advanced research to innovate screening, intervention and treatment.
Learning from other successful industries and models.
Convening and collaborating with industry partners, rather than competing.