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Alternative Peer Group


APG (Alternative Peer Group)

APG is a 6-month program for Cape Cod teens struggling with substance use challenges. Behavioral Health Innovators launched the APG program in 2018. Duffy Health Center has been a partner in the program since its inception, offering clinical services and programmatic support.

In this voluntary program, focused on multiple pathways of recovery, including harm reduction, teens have the opportunity to face their substance use challenges. This is through the expert guidance of our Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Young Adult Behavioral Health Specialist, Family Support Specialist, and a Recovery Coach with lived expertise.

Teens in the program can talk to peers who are going through the same obstacles and hear how others deal with challenges in their recovery. The APG program is built to help teens explore their substance use, achieve their goals and celebrate successes along their identified pathway of recovery. It is a safe space where fun is an important element in helping teens build lasting, healthy friendships.

How to Join the Program

  • APG is open to teens between 13 and 17 years old with a history of substance use.
  • Referrals to the program can come from schools, caregivers, health care providers, counselors, community-based organizations, and self-referrals.
  • The program meets twice weekly from 3:30-5:30pm. We serve two groups of participants, one at our Dennis location on Tuesdays and Thursdays and one at our Falmouth location on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • To learn more or make a referral, contact the team at [email protected] or call Daina Carpenter at (774) 487-5227.

Our APG team operates from a multiple pathways of recovery lens, including harm reduction. Our multidisciplinary team provides the following supports;

Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Works directly with teens in the program through group treatment, the creation of individualized treatment plans, as well engaging participants through individual sessions.

Young Adult Behavioral Health Specialist

Engages participants in the program as a co-facilitator in the group setting. The Behavioral Health Specialist also supports participants in building healthy boundaries and relationships with peers within and outside of the group.

Recovery Coach

The Recovery Coach is a certified staff member who identifies as a person in recovery. The Recovery Coach works individually with participants on creating a wellness plan and recovery goals. These engagements are provided one on one outside of group activities.

Family Support Specialist

Offers support to the teen’s family unit and caregivers through family sessions, connections to resources and monthly caregiver support groups.

APG Program Supervisor

Provides intake information to referral partners and families, engages in community outreach, and supports the program operationally.


There is no cost whatsoever to participants and their caregivers