Cape Cod PASS

The Cape Cod PASS Program

The Cape Cod PASS Program is a safe and supportive environment for high school students facing suspension.

The problem behavior that leads to suspension can indicate an underlying issue.

The moment of suspension is also a moment for intervention and a vital opportunity to change outcomes for these students.

Students will benefit from a therapeutic environment where they are also able to access their academics.

If we can get ahead of the substance use and/or mental health issues that our community’s teens struggle with more and more, we will open a future of wellness, health, resilience, and productivity for a generation of young people.

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The Cape Cod PASS Team

Stephanie Gilrein Program Director

PASS Program Director, Stephanie Gilrein is a confident and highly organized individual with more than six years of working as Studio Manager for a company in the health and wellness sector, and as a manager in the busy Cape Cod restaurant industry.

Allie Jason
Student Support Director

PASS Student Support Director, Allie Jason, is a talented musician with a large amount of life experience and drive. She is passionate about helping others, especially young people.

Mary Kirby
Clinician / Counselor

Mary Kirby is a certified School Psychologist with a dual degree in school psychology and counseling psychology from Tufts University. She lives in South Orleans and has worked for most of her career in the public-school systems (as a consultant and a direct provider) as well as in a therapeutic day program. She is an employee of Outer Cape Health Services in Harwich, MA.